Kitchen Cleaner Spray


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500ML Kitchen Cooktop Cleaner Degreasing Cleaning Agent Spray Heavy Oil Strong Decontamination For Toilet Cooker Machine.

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Quick Details

Type: Detergent
Commercial Buyer:
Caterers & Canteens, Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services, Food & Beverage Stores, Specialty Stores, Food & Beverage Manufacture, TV Shopping, Department Stores, Bubble tea, Juice & Smoothie Bars, Super Markets, Hotels, Convenience Stores, Spice and Extract Manufacturing, Drug Stores, Cafes and Coffee Shops, Discount Stores, E-commerce Stores, Gifts Stores, Beer, Wine, Liquor Stores, Souvenir Stores
Season: All-Season
Room Space: 
Desktop, Countertop, Kitchen, Patio, Closet, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Dorm Room, Entryway, Indoor and Outdoor, Living Room, Kids Room, Office, Hallway, Outdoor, Baby Care Room, Laundry Room
Room Space Selection: Support
Occasion Selection: Support
Holiday Selection: Support
Detergent Type: Cleaner
Detergent Use: Kitchen
Shape: Spray
Feature: Disposable, Sustainable, Stocked
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CaiXun
Model Number: CXOC



Cleans and removes tough greasy, grimy messes from a variety of surfaces including stovetops and range hoods, countertops, cabinets, walls and other surfaces around the house . Ready to use non-toxic Formula, simply use cleaner,  safer choice certified and safe for People, pets and the planet . Formulated with technology that’s tougher on grease than other cleaners, yet safe for use on food prep surfaces. Leaves behind a clean, grease-free surface.


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